What is ReCode Portland?

ReCode Portland will create a new, unified development code to serve Portland for the 21st century. Incorporating review standards for new development, protections for sensitive environmental resources, historic preservation standards, housing policies, sign standards, parking requirements, and more, the new code will be more user-friendly, will advance the goals of Portland’s Plan 2030, and be better equipped to meet the myriad needs of the city in the 21st century. 

Because the Land Use Code is a document with wide-ranging implications for the city, ReCode is a top recommendation for implementation of Portland’s Plan. A new, unified development code will provide a framework through which Portland’s Plan can be realized. It calls for integration of land use regulations with Portland’s transportation and environmental objectives and provides a framework for sustainable growth.


What is the Land Use Code?

The Land Use Code is a set of regulations that apply to all of Portland’s land. The Code is a key factor in how public and private properties within the city are used and built upon. It specifies what types of uses can occur where and at what intensities. It also contains review standards for new development proposals, protections for sensitive environmental resources, Historic Preservation standards, housing policies, sign standards, parking requirements, the zoning ordinance and more.

What is Zoning?

Zoning is a local regulatory tool that governs physical development of all land within the city. It includes a map that divides the city into distinct land use areas – residential, mixed-use, waterfront, natural resource, industrial – and sets which activities can happen in each zone, as well as the dimensions and intensity of those activities. 

Why ReCode?

1.  Streamline and simplify the Code. A well-organized new Code will increase predictability and clarity for the development review process.

2.  Ensure consistency across the Code. The ReCode process is an opportunity to ensure there’s no outdated, unclear or duplicative language in the Code.

3.  Introduce visuals to improve legibility. An increased use of tables and illustrative graphics will make the next iteration of the Code a more accessible document for all.

4.  Align the Code with Portland’s Plan 2030. The ReCode will help ensure that the city’s neighborhoods are robust, unique, and complete; that investment is targeted to growth areas; and that there are opportunities for economic development that support an equitable, sustainable, dynamic, secure, authentic and connected city.

How Can I Get Involved?

Head over to the Public Input page to be notified of upcoming events, to leave a comment, or to view revisions to the Code.